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        Trademark: 25% Fenpropathrin· Phoxim

        ● Brief : This product is a high-efficiency insecticide produced by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and our company. It has a wide spectrum of insecticides and a strong knockdown force. It is mainly used for contact and stomach poisoning. A variety of lepidopteran pests and pests have significant effects. Due to the inclusion of Phoxim, the agent is unstable to light in the field and decomposes quickly. Therefore, the residual period is short and the residual hazard is small, but it has a long residual effect in the soil and is suitable for controlling underground pests. 
        ● Product specifications : 80ml × 50bottles / box 200ml × 20bottles / box. 
        ● Use technology :

        Registered crop

        Control object


        Application method


        Helicoverpa armigera



        Cruciferous vegetables

        cabbage caterpillar



        Apple tree

        Red spider

        1000-1500 times liquid


        Apple tree


        800-1200 times liquid


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