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        Trademark: Mingshou 5% Abamectin EC

        Brief: The mechanism of action of Abamectin is to interfere with neurophysiological activities. It has contact and stomach toxicity to lepidopteran pests and mites. Parasitic adults, nymphs and lepidopteran larvae are paralyzed and inactive after contact with Abamectin. No feeding, death after 2 to 4 days, has strong osmotic effect on the leaves, can quickly penetrate into the parenchyma of the plant after spraying, and its active ingredients can exist in the tissue for a long time, and it is held against the pests and lepidopteran pests. The validity period is long. 
        1. Wide spectrum of insecticides: This product has good control effect on mites, lepidopteran pests and pine nematodes. 
        2. Rapid effect: high osmotic activity, rapid paralysis caused by drug pests, stop feeding, until death. 
        3. Long-lasting effect: high content, strong activity, strong stomach poisoning and contact killing, insect killing and double killing, long-lasting effect. 
        4. Safety and environmental protection: High efficiency, low toxicity and low residue, easy to be decomposed by microorganisms in the soil. 
        5. Good compounding: Good mixability, can be mixed with a variety of Insecticides, mutual synergy. 
        Specifications: 100ml × 50bottles / box 200ml × 50bottles / box 1L × 10bottles / box 
        using technology:


        Control object

        Use metering


        Citrus tree

        Red spider

        5000-6000 times liquid



        Pine wood nematode

        1.8-3.6 ml / cm breast diameter

        Trunk punch injection

        Recommended technology:


        Control object


        Application method


        Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, leaf miner


        Foliar spray


        Small tiger



        Rice leaf roller, rice locust



        Red spider

        5000-6000 times liquid

        Fruit tree

        Pear hibiscus

        5000-6000 times liquid

        tea tree

        Tea sassafras

        3000-5000 times liquid

        1. The safe interval of citrus trees is 14 days, and the maximum use is 2 times per season. 
        2. When spraying, pay attention to spraying evenly and carefully, and do not spray at noon in summer. 
        3. This product has a maximum of 1 injection per plant per year.




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