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        Zhejiang Well-done Chemical Co.,LTD.
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        Trademark: Tianwangwei 5% Hexythiazox EC

        Brief: This product is a special Acaricide, mainly for contact and stomach toxicity, no systemic, but strong penetration, resistant to rain. It has strong lethal effect on eggs and nymphs, and has low activity on adult mites. The hatching rate of eggs after female mites are significantly reduced. It is not sensitive to temperature and has no difference in effect at different temperatures. It can be mixed with alkaline pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture and stone sulphur mixture, as well as various Insecticides and Acaricide, and has a long-lasting effect. It is low-toxic to humans and animals, non-toxic to predatory cockroaches and beneficial insects, and safe for bees and natural enemies under normal dosage. 
        Specifications: 200ml × 20bottles / box 500ml × 20bottles / box 
        using technology: 

        Registered crop

        Control object


        Application method

        Citrus tree

        Red spider

        1600-2000 times liquid


        Apple tree

        Red spider

        1600-2000 times liquid






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