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        Trademark: Baideli 2.5% Abamectin·Fenpropathrin EC

        Brief: This product is a pesticidal, Acaricide compounded by Abamectin and Fenpropathrin. It has a wide spectrum of insecticides and killings, and has strong killing power for juveniles, nymphs and mites. It has a good effect on the control of lepidopteran pests, and is mainly based on contact and stomach toxicity. One-time use of a variety of pests and mites is the drug of choice for pollution-free vegetables. 
        Specifications : 20ml × 400 bags / box 20ml × 320 bags / barrel 200ml × 20bottles 
        use technology: 

        Registered crop

        Control object


        Application method

        Cruciferous vegetables





        Helicoverpa armigera







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