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        Trademark: Fulemi 30%hexaconazole· Isoprothiolane EC

        Brief: Fulemi is a new type of rice Bactericide developed by Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd. and our company after many years of cooperation. The original Isoprothiolane drug is provided by Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd. It has high efficiency of systemic absorption, infiltration and conduction, and enjoys the "rice disease all-round expert". "The drug can prevent and treat three major diseases of rice (rice blast, sheath blight, rice false smut) and panicle syndrome. At the same time, the drug has a regulating effect on crop growth and has the effect of increasing production and income.


        1. Domestic leading formula: unique and novel, 20-year patent, patent number: ZL 2010 3 0503926.5. 
        , rice all-round expert: can effectively control rice blast, sheath blight, rice false disease and comprehensive disease at the ear stage. 
        , dual role: the dual role of protection and treatment of crops. 
        , saving time and labor: high permeability, good internal conductivity, long-lasting effect, saving labor and time. 
        increase production and income: delay functional leaf premature aging, leaf green seed yellow, increase the seed setting rate, the use of two seasons can increase production by 5% -10%. 
        Low toxicity and environmental protection: low toxicity to aquatic organisms and environmentally friendly.

        Packing specification: 30ml × 240 bags / box 80ml × 50bottles / box 400ml × 20bottles / box

        Use technology:

        Number of medications

        Control object

        Proper control period



        First dose

        Rice blast (treatment) 
        sheath blight (prevention)

        Final stage


        Treatment Plant Blast 
        prevention sheath blight

        Second dose

        Sheath blight (treatment) 
        neck (prevention) 
        rice false disease (prevention)

        5-7 days before the breach


        Rice smut is important in prevention, and it is necessary to master the period of drug use.

        Third dose

        Panicle neck (treatment)

        Heading period


        Treatment, anti-premature aging, increased yield, growth regulation

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