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        Trademark: Tianwangjian 41% Glyphosate AS

        Brief: This product is a systemic beta-type Herbicide. Plant death is mainly caused by interference with protein synthesis. After the liquid contact with the weeds, it is transmitted to the underground part and other branches through the stems and leaves, causing the weeds to die rapidly. It has a strong ability to destroy underground tissues of perennial deep root weeds. It has a wide spectrum of herbicides, which can prevent annual, perennial grass weeds, sedges, broadleaf weeds and shrubs. Glyphosate loses its activity when it is combined with metal ions such as iron and aluminum, and has no adverse effects on the seeds and soil microorganisms in the soil.

        Packing specification: 200g×50bottles/box 500g×50bottles/box 1000g×12 bottles/box 4kg×5 bottles/box

        Use technology:

        Registered crop

        Control object


        Application method

        Citrus garden



        Directional stem and leaf spray



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