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        Brassinolide 0.0016%AS

        •Features: Brassinolide (Brassinolide, BR)It is widely used in agriculture and plant research. It can improve activity of seeds and germination rate; it also can increase output of plant or improve fruit set percentage and accelerate the expansion of fruit; it also can improve setting percentage of grain crops and increase thousand seed weight.
        •Applicable range:grain crops, cash crops, Vegetable and fruit
        •Recommended Application:
        1. Wheat : immerse seed into 0.05-0.5mg/kg for 24h; or spray 0.01-0.05mg/kg on the surface of leaf during the period of pregnancy, it can increase 7%-15%. of outputs
        2.  maize : before tassel, spray maize in 0.01mg/kg , it can increase 20%. of outputs
        3. It also can be used in other crops :  Rape: buds, young pods period. Fruit : flowering, young fruit period; Vegetable: seedling and fast growth period; beans: flowering, young pods period

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