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        Trademark: Biaotefu high potassium foliar fertilizer

        Brief : 
        This product is a high-potassium elemental water-soluble fertilizer prepared by international advanced production technology and SQM pure imported raw materials. It is completely water-soluble and has no residue. It not only contains a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also enriches various trace elements required for crop growth, promotes healthy crop growth, prevents symptoms such as falling flowers and fruit, and deforms fruit, and improves fruit quality to sweeten and enhance flavor. Low dosage, quick effect, chlorine free, safe and environmentally friendly. 

        1. Fast and efficient: The product adopts international advanced production technology and pure imported raw materials. It has excellent water solubility and no residue. It contains a unique nutrient transport carrier, which can efficiently and quickly reach the inside of the cell through the cell wall. 99%. 

        2. Improve quality and increase production: The product is rich in potassium and sulfur, which helps the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, enhances the metabolism of crops, increases the content of starch and sugar in sugar crops, improves fruit shape and fruit color, and improves fruit quality. Taste, increase crop yield. 

        , disease resistance and stress: improve the conversion and synthesis of crop carbohydrates, enhance the metabolism of crops, reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, and enhance the resistance of crops to drought, freezing damage, floods and other adverse conditions. 

        , wide application: for a variety of crop safety, can be used in all periods, good mixability.

        Active Ingredient: N-P2O5-K20 : 11-9-35 
         N+P205+K20≥50%; Zn+B: 0.2%-3.0% 

        Product Specifications: 20g×240 bags/box

         Registered crops: rice, cucumber cotton 

        Recommended crops and use:

        Field crop


        Heading and flowering

        Grouting maturity


        Spray 40g/667sqm

        Spray 40g/667sqm


        Spray 40g/667sqm

        Spray 40g/667sqm



        Young fruit

        Expansion period

        Coloring period

        Fruit crop

        Spray 500-1000 times

        Spray 500-1000 times

        Spray 500-1000 times

        Melon and fruit crops

        Spray 500-1000 times

        Spray 500-1000 times

        Spray 500-1000 times

        1. Avoid mixing with other alkaline pesticides or fertilizers when mixing. 
        2. Please perform the compounding test before mixing with other products. The mixing sequence is: water, this product, and its product.


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