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        Trademark: Gaojieshi high-efficient plant essential oil auxiliary

        Brief: This product is a natural plant essential oil additive extracted from plants. It can be mixed with pesticides, which can effectively improve the application effect of pesticides. It can also be used in orchard clearing gardens. This product has an aromatic odor, which can eliminate the smell of pesticides and improve the quality of crops after use. It is the first choice for pollution-free products. 
        1. Safety and environmental protection: pure plant extracts, strong affinity, no damage to flowers and fruits, safe for crops and the environment. 
        2. Good synergy: reduce the surface tension of the liquid, increase the amount of liquid and contact surface on the surface of crops and pests, and reduce the amount of pesticides. 
        3. Strong permeability: enhance the penetration of the liquid on the leaves and reach the action site quickly. 
        4. Physical closure: It has a physical sealing effect on the pest valve, and is used together with Insecticides to enhance the efficacy. 
        5. Lipophilic wax: It can carry the agent to quickly penetrate the wax layer of the epidermis and increase the quick-acting effect of the pesticide product. 
        6. Good drying property: After application, the leaf surface can be kept dry, the humidity in the field can be reduced, and the disease can be reduced.

        Packing: 200 ml of 1L * 12 * 50bottles ?? bottle ?? 5L * 4 bottles 
        Recommend the use of technology:

        Period of use



        Crop growth period

        1000-1500 times

        Foliar spray

        Orchard Qingyuan

        500-800 times

        1. Spray evenly when applying the medicine. The liquid should be applied evenly on the surface of the leaves, leaves, branches and fruits. 
        2. When dispensing in the field, please dissolve other pesticides in water first, then add this product and mix well before spraying. Please note that it is now available. 
        3, mixed with other pesticide products can be appropriate to reduce the amount, please test and promote. 
        4. This product is slightly toxic. If it is accidentally splashed on eyes and skin, it can be cleaned immediately with water. 
        5, stored in a cool dry place, please use as soon as possible after opening, must be diluted with water. 
        6. Keep away from children and avoid contact with children.





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